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Phoebe Cheung


Initially I was just training to lose fat and gain muscle, but the trainings with my trainer, Debby, actually achieved more than that - my trainings with Debby were really fun and made me a fitter person as a whole and enabled me to enjoy running my marathons instead of kept counting remaining miles for the run for every second like I used to do in the past.

Debby would tailor-made every training lesson for me according to my fitness level as well as my physical and mental condition that day. She is very good at pushing your physical limits and endurance, yet at the same time making you enjoy every lesson. 

I like the fact that their approach is very personal, individual, creative and detail-oriented - Debby would jot down all the trainings/ exercises I did during the lesson, my progress and also any body parts which I felt unwell. And then she would plan my next lesson accordingly.

It’s great fun, a total change to your lifestyle when you have a super professional and detail-oriented personal trainer. I would highly recommend Debbie and Kratos to anyone who want real results and enjoyable trainings. :)

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