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We offer variety of Group Training, everyone in the room have the same goal and train together in a small group class setting. All of the training programmes are systematically designed and targeted to improve muscle strength, metabolic conditioning and mobility.



Focus on building functional strength by using proven training programs with proper periodization to maximize your growth.


You will be doing heavy compound exercises like Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press and Overhead Press in the class. Training with a good vibes, while everyone in the room share the same goal as you. You can expect PRs are coming next.


Class duration: 60 minutes



Challenge your energy system with high intensity interval training. Functional movement based and variation of work-rest ratio make this class unpredictable and FUN.


You can expect doing dynamic functional movements with different training tools like barbell, kettlebell, medicine ball, sled, heavy sandbag, rowing machine, etc. Don’t worry about your fitness level, there will be always regression/ progression movements to get the same training results.


Class duration: 45 minutes



Improve your movement efficiency, which help you to reduce injuries and have a better performance when you back to your sports and training.Each class will be doing targeted myofascial release, dynamic stretching and strengthening exercises. Restore your body and move better for daily activities.


Class duration: 45 minutes



A mind-body workout that requires core stability, flexibility, attention to muscle

control, posture and breathing. This class designed to help accelerate the

process of stretching, strengthening, body alignment and increased core



The benefits of Pilates extend beyond the workout, improving the way

you move in your everyday life. Help to develop good posture to minimize muscle

pain and prevent injuries. Pilates' system allows for different exercises to be

modified in range of difficulty from beginner to advanced or to any other level.


Class duration: 60 minutes


Strength and Conditioning for youth (Age 12-16)

While Strength and Conditioning training has been synonymous with elite sports performance, the principles of S&C can be applied to anyone with the goal of improving their fitness and health. This class is designed for young generation age 12-16, aims to help:

  • Reduce their risk for sports injuries

  • Improve sports performance

  • Boosts bone density

  • Strengthens tendons

  • Improve musculoskeletal strength and total fitness


In the class you will be doing a mix of Mobility, Strength and Conditioning training. Also learning basic lifting techniques, develop a good foundation for future training.


Class duration: 60 minutes


Strength and Conditioning for Combat Sports

No matter how good the technique is in your combat sports, you can’t execute them without good physical condition. We focus on building muscle strength, power, speed, agility and aerobic capacity, these elements are vital to level up for your performance. This class equips you to become a stronger and faster combat sports athlete, no matter you are kick boxer or grappler.


Class duration: 60 minutes


Do you want to know more about how we can help you to achieve your fitness goals? Book a consultation and meet our coach.  

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