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We believe that there is no one way to achieve your goals. Your training programme needs to match with your needs and goals in the short and the long-term, past training experience, physical condition, nutrition habits and lifestyle.


We love to listen to what you really want. 


After listening to your needs, our coaches will have a consultation session with you. We take you through an assessment of your physical condition, including body composition, mobility and strength before we set up the training plan for you.


Your program will be divided into different phases, progressively increasing training intensity to adapt to your body and your goals.


Goals are just a dream without taking action. To optimise your result, we will not only focus on the one-hour session in the gym, but also the rest of the 23 hours outside the gym.


With the assistance of our mobile training app, you will be able to stick to your training plan, anytime and anywhere. 


We understand that life is full of uncertainties and that it can be very challenging to completely follow your plan. From time to time our coaches will closely monitor your training progress and make adjustments if needed.


We will guide you to clear the obstacles in your fitness journey, to see – and feel -- your desired result. 


Do you want to know more about how we can help you to achieve your fitness goals? Book a consultation and meet our coach.  

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