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Carol Farrington

Teacher/ Yoga Teacher

I have worked with my Personal Trainer since 2011 because of mountains! I just love the feeling of being up high. To achieve this I need a body that is physically no older than my age (currently mid 60's). I want to be able to do the same things that I could 10 years before and to continue in the same way for the next 20 years. If the body and mind are creeky then life can't be fully lived. 

My PT helps my physical abilities improve by developing all parts of the body, even those that in the past, I didn't know existed. As my strength and coordination have improved the exercises have progressed to integrating many muscles at the same time. My brain also often gets a work out too when everything needs to be coordinated. 

Barry is exceedingly observant. He notices the tiniest weaknesses and strengths and knows exactly when I'm not engaging certain muscles or utilising useful parts of the body! He is completely focused on the client for the full session and very personable. He pushes me realistically within my limitations so I make progress without injury.

I would not be a "fit grandma" without my PT.

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