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Benny Chu


Around 8 years ago, I was very skinny and looked unhealthy.  I started to go to the gym by myself.  However, I found the machines not interesting while free weights looked dangerous.  Quickly I lost the steam to exercise consistently.  I decided to try personal training and thought in 3 months time I should know what I needed for the rest of my life. The whole purpose was: to make myself look good.


Barry was my first coach.  His program included a combination of machines and free weights, which were similar to the ones I had used myself before, but in wrong ways (as I gradually found out).  With his outgoing character, Barry made the whole experience interesting and exciting.  Barry’s new job assignment gave me the opportunity to meet Allen, my second and present coach. Allen is attentive; he obviously knows my weaknesses. Without ignoring the overall balance, Allen’s program focuses on my weak muscles. He specially helps me develop stronger legs which are crucial for my other hobbies, tennis and boxing.


Barry and Allen have made the one-hour training particularly effective. In addition to a throughout explanation of technical aspects, Barry’s encouragement of mental focus has been critical in my finishing the last motion of the last set.  Allen’s program is skilfully challenging, but the achievement of which is also more satisfying. While I only meet Allen once a week, his influence has been extended to my self-outworks through their unique App with tailor-made self-pace program.


Purely started with the aim of improvement in appearance, I have been guided by two outstanding coaches on the path to fitness with the courage to overcome challenges. This is why I ended up starting at Kratos.

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